The world urgently needs to move towards models where economic growth is decoupled from natural resource use and climate mitigation pathways. In South Africa, this means investment in businesses that can generate verifiable green outcomes, whilst creating jobs, including in energy, water, waste, infrastructure and land management.

Through a partnership officially signed on 31 January 2020 between National Treasury’s Jobs Fund and GreenCape, the Green Outcomes Fund (GOF) provides outcomes-based matched (concessional) funding to local investment funds (our Catalytic Finance Partners) to support investments into local SMMEs that make a demonstrable contribution to South Africa’s green economy, as well as job and enterprise creation in priority impact areas. This is also made possible by catalytic support from the FirstRand Foundation.

How it works

The Green Outcomes Fund, in partnership with The Jobs Fund, will incentivise the Catalytic Finance Partners (CFPs) that it has partnered with to invest in green businesses, as well as track verifiable green metrics. The green outcomes have been developed with small and growing business, funds, and are in line with international impact investing standards.

Get involved

Partner with us to support green investment opportunities.

GOF is available to philanthropic, aid, and development organisations seeking to generate impact in the green economy. Get in touch and become a part of this unique model creating impact in the green economy.

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    The Green Outcomes Fund is available to both local and international philanthropic, aid, and development organizations to partner as a Grant Funder to GOF and support green investment opportunities. If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with your organization as a potential Grant Funder to GOF, please do let us know via e-mail and we will gladly set-up a call with your team. Fill in the form above or E-mail us at