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Green Metrics

Green SMMEs are defined as businesses that limit or prevent harm to the natural environment relative to conventional alternatives. The term ‘green SMME’ refers to the total governance of the business, which includes knowhow, procedures, goods and services, equipment as well as organisational and managerial procedures. In addition, green SMMEs:

  • Are less polluting and/or use all natural resources in a more sustainable manner and/or
  • Recycle more of their wastes and products and/or
  • Handle residual wastes in a more acceptable manner

GOF has a suite of 13 green metrics that are monitored and measured by the green SMME’s that receive investment.

Our 13 Green Metrics

  • Green Sector Direct Jobs
  • Green Sector Indirect Jobs
  • Soil Organic Carbon
  • Synthetic chemical fertilizer reduction
  • Persons reached by reliable clean energy grid/source that were without prior access to the transitional energy grid
  • Energy generation – total installed capacity
  • Energy efficiency – generic energy saved based on deemed savings value per unit installed
  • Waste to landfill avoided
  • Avoided waste incinerated
  • Waste recycled/reused
  • Chemical recovery
  • Wastewater treated
  • Water intensity

Sectors for investment

GOF has a rigorous system and approach for green outcome measurements as part of the monitoring and evaluation requirements for the project. Green outcomes are measured on a regular basis by GreenCape’s team of technical experts representing sectors of the green economy.

GOF recognises the following sectors for investment within the green economy:
  • Green buildings and the built environment
  • Sustainable transport and infrastructure
  • Clean energy and energy efficiency
  • Resource conservation and management
  • Sustainable waste management practices
  • Sustainable agriculture, food production and forestry
  • Water management
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Environmental sustainability